Privacy Policy

The Finnish Genealogy Group of Minnesota pledges to responsibly handle all personal information provided by members.

Member personal contact information will not be available on the open portion of the website.

Contact information for FGGMN in the “Contact Us” section will provide addresses based on roles / titles in the organization.  All messages will go through to protect the privacy of members serving in those roles.

Personal information provided by non-members who contact FGGMN through the website will be used only for the purposes requested, such as to send information or respond to questions or comments.

FGGMN will contact group members only to communicate information relating to the group or to provide information about Finnish events and genealogy that may be of interest to members.

FGGMN will not sell or share its membership list with any outside organization.

The Members portion of the FGGMN website will include information that members provide on surnames being researched.  It will also contain member contact information for the purpose of facilitating genealogical connections.  Members may restrict either type of information by contacting the Membership address provided in ”Contact Us”.

— Finnish Genealogy Group of Minnesota, Board of Directors