October Monthly MeetingFGG member Barbara Wilson will present on what recent DNA studies tell us about the origins of the Finns. Every year, new DNA studies give us an increased understanding. Barb will begin by reviewing earlier beliefs about the origins of the Finns. (Are Finns Asian? Did they migrate to Finland from what is now Estonia? Are Finns different from other Europeans?) Then she will review what current DNA studies tell us about these beliefs.

Discussion question during 9:00 – 9:30am log on: What is your mitochondrial haplogroup? If you are a man, what is your Y haplogroup?

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9:30am Business Meeting

10:15 – 12:00 pm Presentation

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Finnish Showcase

Thanks to members Greg Isola and Linda Mell for representing FGGMN at the Finnish Showcase, prior to one of Osmo Vänskä’s Farewell Concerts at Orchestra Hall on the evening of June 3. The Showcase was intended to promote our local Finnish organizations. Our table included a few photos from Finland, a takeaway with our website address and Linda brought along iittala candlesticks and all the items rested on a special tablecloth. The cloth was made in Finland from flax was grown on Linda’s grandmother’s family land. The flax was woven into linen and then loomed into the tablecloth.